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  1. Q: I haven't bought a bike in years. Where do I start?
    A: Picking the perfect bicycle boils down to only three easy pieces of information: How tall you are? How hilly the terrain is? Your riding style (laid back cruising, sitting upright, or sporty and grinding it out)?
  2. Q: How often does my bike need service?
    A: In general, your bike should have some level of service once a year. Of course, what level of service it needs depends on how much you're riding it.
  3. Q: What is TPI? If a tire has a higher TPI does that means it's a better tire? Does TPI affect the ride in any way?
    A: TPI is an acronym for Threads Per Inch and describes how fine the threads are in a tire's casing. A tire with a high TPI (e.g. 127 TPI) will have a thinner, suppler sidewall. This enhances performance (rolling resistance, acceleration and handling), makes the tire lighter, but also makes it less durable and more expensive. Most high quality, high performance tires have a higher TPI.
  4. Q: How do I put air in my tires when I have those funny, skinny valves?
    A: Those funny, skinny valves are called presta valves. To inflate your tires when you have presta valves, you have to first unscrew the little nut on top. Turn it counter-clockwise until it stops. It won't come off. Then you have to use either a bike pump with a nozzle designed to fit presta valves, or install an adaptor.
  5. Q: What size bicycle do I need?
    A:There are many factors to choosing the right size bicycle. Arm, torso and leg length plus fitness level and flexibility are very important factors in the sizing process. For this reason, visiting Ben's Bikes of Tucson to fit you to a bicycle and provide test rides to ensure comfort and safety is the best way to get you on the proper size bike.
  6. Q: Do you do Bike fittings?
    A: Yes, please contact us at to schedule a Bike fitting
  7. Q: Are you an authorized dealer?
    A: Yes - We are an authorized dealer for every brand we carry.
  8. Q: What brake pads do I need?
    A: It depends on the type of brake.
  9. Q: Is there a weight limit for bikes?
    A: Riding style, riding conditions, and many other factors can be equally important as the weight of the rider. Ben's Bikes of Tucson recommends that you have your bike inspected regularly by a qualified professional bike mechanic to ensure its integrity.
  10. Q: I need the serial number from my bike?
    A: Check the frame tubes, serial numbers are usually stamped in a discreet location on the frame like under the bottom bracket.
  11. Q: Do I have to wear spandex?
    A: I hope not. One of the greatest things about riding a bike is that anyone can do it. All you need is a bike!